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What is Dissolution?
A dissolution provides many spouses with a more affordable, amicable and kinder approach during this very difficult time.  As opposed to Divorce, which begins as a divorce complaint filed by one spouse against the other, a dissolution begins by both spouses submitting a petition to the domestic relations division in the county in which one or both spouses have resided for the last 90 days.   Along with the petition for dissolution, the parties submit a separation agreement and if they both agree to shared parenting of their child(ren), a shared parenting plan.  Once submitted, and assuming  each spouse has registered for or taken the parenting class unique to each county, the domestic relations court will schedule the matter for a final hearing.  
 When an amicable resolution, or dissolution, is possible, couples should seriously consider the benefits that the dissolution may have upon their family members.  
What are the benefits of a dissolution over a divorce?
Hiring a dissolution attorney is generally less expensive than divorce.  An experienced dissolution attorney will usually save each party significant dissolution attorney fees.    More importantly, however, hiring an experienced lawyer for a dissolution will save both parties and their child(ren) heartache and grief, since a dissolution requires an agreement and thus represents an amicable resolution. This spares both spouses from having to testify against each other, and if custody is at issue; prevents the children from being entangled in a potentially bitter divorce. 
Do I need an attorney for a dissolution in Butler County Ohio?
   Although there is no requirement in Ohio that you have an attorney for dissolution of marriage, hiring a dissolution attorney simplifies the process a great deal for someone going through a dissolution. Each county has its own domestic relations court. Each of those courts has its own set of rules in regards to the documents required for filing a dissolution or divorce. Many of the clients that come into our Butler County Office seeking an attorney for a Butler County dissolution have tried unsuccessfully to submit their “agreement” to the Butler County Domestic Relations Case Management Department without an attorney. This is due to the complexity of Butler County's Local Rules and requirements with which each filing must comply in order to be approved. Since an attorney for dissolution is usually affordable, and sometime even cheap, it makes sense for a lot of individuals going through this difficult time to hire a dissolution attorney. This ensures that the documents are prepared correctly, which can save you significant amount of time and can save everyone involved frustration and further heartache.   At this Butler County Ohio Dissolution Office, we offer affordable dissolution attorney rates, or may even offer cheap dissolution attorney rates depending upon the complexity and issues of your situation.               
Why Choose Us?

The Peck Law Office has represented hundreds of individuals proceeding with a dissolution in Butler County Ohio.  Our Butler County Dissolution Attorney has the experience and knowledge to ensure that your dissolution occurs efficiently and with as little frustration as possible.  Attorneys handling dissolutions in Butler County Ohio must be experienced in Butler County, since Butler County's rules for dissolutions are complex and require specific language in order to be filed and proceed as a dissolution.  Since we have ample experience in Butler County, we are often able to charge lower fees than many other dissolution lawyers in Butler County.  Call and schedule an appointment today.  Chances are; We Can Help.
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