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Domestic Violence Protection Orders Lawyers Butler County Ohio
Have You Been Served With A Domestic Violence Protection Order or a Civil Stalking Protection Order in Butler County Ohio?

Are You Prohibited From Returning to Your Residence?

Are You Prohibited From Seeing Your Children?

If You Have Been Served With A Protection Order, You Must Act Immediately.  
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Domestic Violence can destroy families and tear apart homes.  If you, your children, or other member of your household have been a victim of domestic violence, seek an attorney experienced in domestic violence protection order laws today.  At The Peck Law Office, clients with pending domestic violence protection orders benefit from being represented by an attorney that has represented both those charged with criminal domestic violence as well as those seeking protection orders so that they may be safe from an abusive spouse.  This benefits our clients because we are knowledgeable about what is required to be shown in order for a protection order to be granted.

Similarly, we understand that domestic violence protection orders may be used as tools by one spouse to gain leverage  in a divorce or custody battle.  Since children are often listed as protected parties on an ex parte domestic violence protection order, the spouse obtaining the ex parte protection order may now have temporary custody of the child or children and the respondent spouse's parenting rights or visitation is likely suspended until a final domestic violence order is issued or the ex parte is dismissed.

If you are in need of obtaining a domestic violence protection order from an abusive spouse; contact us.  If this is an emergency, call 911 immediately.

If you have been served with a domestic violence ex parte protection order; act now.  Based on time requirements in Ohio, the final hearing is only days away and preparation must occur in order to properly defend your rights.  Be aware that the ramifications of this may: be detrimental to your employment, prevent or restrict your parenting time with your children; prevent your ability to own a firearm; and may cause other restrictions on your daily life.

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