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Butler County Ohio Divorce Attorney Reviews
Below are a few selected reviews of our Office.  They come from past clients and from other legal professionals.  All reviews are used herein for advertising purposes only.  There is no guaranteed outcome in any case.  Since all cases are different and unique, results obtained for some clients is not indicative of the results likely in any other case.

What Our Clients Are Saying:
"An absolute honor to work with Ched Peck and that's coming from someone with high expectations. 

Recommended by a colleague, I was excited to hear he was a fighter for true justice. Hearing is one thing of course, but experiencing it firsthand is another, and that's exactly what I did. 

It was a stressful journey during my divorce for obvious reasons, but Ched was definitely there to calm the nerves by quickly responding to emails and using his expertise to deliver winning advice. Sometimes the advice didn't align with what I assumed would be best, but looking back it now makes sense.

If you're looking for a professional, and affordable attorney who will guide you through these tough times, then I couldn't recommend Ched Peck enough. 

Appreciate all the hard work sir!"

Divorce and Custody Client, April 2017.

"I had the experience of working with Ched in December of 2015. He was upfront and honest with me. Let me know what to expect and gave me several options, he also let me know the option I did choose would not be a financially wise decision for me. He was willing to be honest and basically take money out of his own pocket by telling me truthfully I would be getting as much as I would pay him and wanted to make sure I understood that clearly. It is a rare trait to find now a days. He is highly respected in the court room and made my life a much easier to this day. I appreciated his honesty and how he was willing to take my calls and not have me speak to someone else in his office. As a business professional myself, I often get asked for referrals, I refer Ched. I trust him enough to put my own reputation on the line."   - S. P,  12/2016

"Ched provided excellent legal representation for me on a very difficult case all charges were dismissed and I have reconnected with my son after falsely being accused of domestic violence. Ched was thorough and always very professional I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent Lawyer."

Chris, 7/2016

"I would highly recommend Ched Peck to anyone who needs a great attorney. I was about to loose my license. Ched was upfront and honest from my first meeting with him. He really seemed to care about what happened to me and was always professional. He got the charges reduced considerable. It was a positive outcome and I was able to keep my license. " S.S.  3/2017

"I have had the great privilege of having Ched Peck help me with a criminal and custody case. I could not have found a better attorney that is very knowledgeable and caring as he has been, he has become like family to us. He was always there answering my questions and helping me get through my very difficult cases. He is a very caring, compassionate attorney and really knows what he is doing. I would and have highly recommended him. Thank you so much Ched for helping me and my family, there are not enough words to describe how great he has helped us."

JoAnna 2015

"Mr. Peck represented my assault case and defended my rights in a professional manner exceeding my highest expectations. For someone who has not been through this type of situation before, it can be very unsettling and scary. He made me feel as if I was his only client by keeping me informed, immediately responding to any questions I asked and allowing as much time as needed to insure I completely understood his response. Mr. Peck is exceptionally knowledgeable in the area of criminal defense, produces positive results in an expeditious manner and his fee structure is more than fair. He explained every scenario and was able to get the best deal possible. "

Zach, 2015

"I am going through a divorce and did not know which direction to go. I am a father of two daughters. I needed someone that would treat me as if I was their only client. I contacted the Peck Law office. After my first consultation with Mr. Ched Peck I knew he would be the one to represent me. I felt extremely comfortable and confident that he had my best interest in mind. Mr. Peck is easy to talk to and will respond to your emails or calls in a timely matter. My divorce has not been easy but I knew I had someone in court fighting for me and my daughters every need. The Peck Law office is very affordable and I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone going through a divorce."
- Chris, September 2012

"This law office was very professional with my needs and legal matters. I was very comfortable with attorneys professional style. I recommended a friend to this law office in his critical time of need. If any one should need this kind of service I highly recommend this  law office."                   
-  Ira J. McQueen M.Ed, CDCA, CSP

"I understand that things are complex and divorces with children are difficult. I understand that not everything works out as someone wants it to. What I liked most about Ched was that he never promised me something that wasn't doable. He always kept me aware of options if things didn't work out as we'd expected. And, and this is huge, he did everything ethically. I swear I wished at times we could be as ruthless and shady as the woman representing my ex. Short term legal battles might have turned out in our favor - maybe. But by keeping us on sound ethical footing regardless of the injustices done to us during the battle; Ched ensured we did nothing that painted us into a corner during appeals or reviews. That assuredly wasn't possible for the ex and her lawyer and was ultimately what resulted in our victories.
I've gone into too much detail here I think... but I can't express enough how much I appreciated the legal counsel and practical advice Ched offered. One thing I learned from this entire mess; because I saw it play out with the ex and other people in my network - it is vital you have an attorney you can trust. Having one that behaves in a personally and professionally moral way allows that connection to develop."
-Syed,   2011

I shopped around a bit before I ultimately decided to retain Ched Peck as my attorney. After our initial consultation, I knew he was the best fit for me for several reasons. First, Ched is aggressive but not unrealistic in his goals. He listened to the pleas of this desperate single mom and created a practical legal plan to get what was best for me and my kids. Also, he is very fair with his costs. He respected that I had certain financial limitations and he worked with me. Ched is reassuring without coddling, which was important to me. Whenever we had to meet with my ex or go to court, he was always there to boost my confidence before and applaud me for my efforts after. He is a well-spoken, hard-working attorney and I highly recommend anyone looking for representation to contact him.
- C. Kollar, September 2014

I recently went through a dissolution after 5 years of marriage, Ched Peck could not have been more helpful or knowledgeable regarding my situation. He very patiently walked me through the entire process ensuring the best situation for my child and myself. Mr. Peck is extremely personable and goes out of his way to make your life easier through ensuring continual communication, he states when you have your initial meeting that he is available anytime via his cell phone and this is no joke. In addition, Ched Peck went above and beyond and actually delivered a home deed to my house personally so as to ensure it was signed ASAP and could be processed immediately! He then turned around and took care of filing the deed for me. The entire seperation process was an emotional challenge for me and I do not know what I would have done if I did not have such a dependable, knowledgeable lawyer behind me. 
- Elizabeth, August, 2013

I contacted The Peck Law Office for help with my son's divorce, and was so grateful that I did. Ched assessed my son's situation and helped make decisions that ensured the best outcome for him. Ched puts in the time to get the job done and is passionate about the work that he does. He is very knowledgeable about the laws, honest, self confident, and is also fair with his prices/payment plans. Ched's excellent negotiation skills and his aggressiveness is what will win a case. I highly recommend that you call Ched Peck if you need a lawyer, you wont be sorry that you did!
- C. Ham, March 2013

Well I only have one thing to say about this firm. If you want superior representation, look no further. I was amazed.
- Daniel, April, 2014.

What our Colleagues Are Saying:
I endorse this individual as a highly respected and knowledgable lawyer in their practice.
Richard Rosenstein, Personal Injury Lawyer in Glendale, CA 
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
I endorse Ched. He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community.
Michael Waddington, Military Law Attorney in Evans, GA  
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
Ched is a good guy and a great lawyer. He explains complicated legal issues so that they are easy to understand. He is courteous and respectful to all of his clients. He is my "go to guy" for domestic relations issues, including divorce, dissolution, custody, and child support.
Joseph Spring, Bankruptcy Attorney in West Chester, OH  
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
I endorse this lawyer. Ched is an absolute expert in family law matters. I refer all of my Butler County family law clients to Ched without any hesitation.
Scott Bissell, Criminal Defense Attorney in Kettering, OH  
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
I gladly endorse this lawyer. Clients like him. Attorneys respect him. He knows the law. Both Criminal Law and Domestic Relations Law. And that isn't easy. He has years of experience too and he likes winning. And he gets results and that's what you want when you need an attorney. I recommend him to you.
Ronald Burdge, Lemon Law Attorney in Dayton, OH  
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
I endorse this lawyer. Ched is a hard working, detail oriented, zealous advocate for his clients. I would recommend Ched to anyone looking to hire an attorney.
Rocky Ball, Divorce / Separation Lawyer in Lebanon, OH  
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