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Office Consultations Can Occur At Either Location.  
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The Peck Law Office


The Peck Law Office has locations in West Chester Ohio and in the City of Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio and provides experienced legal representation in Butler County, Hamilton County, Clermont County, Warren County and most other Southwestern Ohio Counties.   Family Law is just that; the area of law dealing with family legal issues. Hence, the term family law actually encompasses a wide range of legal areas such as; divorce and dissolution; custody; juvenile court cases; and domestic disputes. Click on the link to learn more about our specific areas of practice. Focusing on Family Law related areas of law, The Peck Law Office handles Divorces, Dissolutions, Custody related matters, and Domestic Violence Protection Orders.  Conveniently located a few blocks north of Rt. 129, we are located in Hamilton, Ohio so that we are only steps away from the Butler County Domestic Relations Court and Butler County Juvenile Court.  We now have a satellite law office in West Chester, Ohio to better serve our clients requiring attorneys in West Chester, Fairfield Township, and Liberty Township.
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Experience. We have represented thousands of individuals and families for over 11 years.
Aggressive. We strive to fight for your rights, to protect your property, for the best interests and safety of your children, and for your freedom.
Compassionate There exists a time when aggressive is necessary. There also exists a time when people are going through a life altering legal matter and need a compassionate legal counselor standing beside them throughout their case.
Knowledgeable of the courts in Butler, Hamilton, Clermont, Warren, and Montgomery Counties. With Experience comes knowledge of the courts and how the courts approach cases differently.
Reasonable Fees.
Full time availability to clients.
Parking behind our office(s).  

What does a butler county ohio attorney cost
We Offer Flexible Payment Plans That Fit Any Budget, Without Comprising The High Quality Of Legal Representation.  We Understand That Many Do Not Have The Immediate Access To Thousands Of Dollars When Faced With Unexpected Family Law Related Issues Including Protection Orders, Being Served With A Divorce Complaint, Or Even Being Arrested For A Criminal Charge.  Unfortunately, Most Family Law And Criminal Matters Are Time Sensitive And Require Immediate Analysis By An Experienced Lawyer If The Best Possible Outcome Is To Be Secured.

The Peck Law Office Hours
Monday Through Friday:  8:00 am - 5:30 pm
We Offer 24 Hour Calls | Messaging 
Evenings and Weekends: Available For Appointments.

We Understand That Careers And Jobs Prevent Many Individuals From A 9-5 Appointment.  If You Are Searching For A Family Law Attorney, You Have A Family As Well.  With Your Busy Schedule And The Urgency Of Your Legal Matter In Mind, We Are Happy To Schedule Evening Or Weekend Appointments After A Brief Telephone Screening.  Although All Initial Consultations Are No Cost, We Ask That You Are Able To Retain In The Event That You Choose To Do So, Prior To Scheduling An Appointment.  The Reason For This Is Not To Make Money During Our Initial Consultation, But Rather Takes Into Account Other Factors Such As The Fact That After Discussing The Matter With You, Our Office Will Be Prevented From Representing Any Other Parties Involved. 

Ohio Courts The Peck Law Office
Our central office is located in Hamilton, Ohio.  This benefits our Butler County clients, because we are only a few blocks away from the Butler County Courthouse and thus do not require extensive travel time to and from hearings.  We also have a satellite office in West Chester, Ohio so that we may better serve clients in West Chester, Liberty Township, Fairfield Township, Monroe and surrounding areas.  Although Our Family Law Offices Are Located In Butler County Ohio, We Have Experience Providing Family Law Attorneys In Hamilton County, Warren County, Clermont County, Ross County, Preble County, and Montgomery County.  For Family Law Clients In Counties Outside Of Butler, Additionally, We Do Not Bill Travel Time To And From Courts in Warren and Hamilton Counties, Within Reason.

We Represent Family Law Clients In The Following Ohio Courts:

  • Butler County Court of Common Pleas Domestic Relations;
  • Butler County Juvenile Court;
  • Clermont County Court Of Common Pleas Domestic Relations;
  • Clermont County Juvenile Court;
  • Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas Domestic Relations;
  • Hamilton County Juvenile Court;
  • Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas Domestic Relations;
  • Preble County Court of Common Pleas Domestic Relations;
  • Ross County Court of Common Pleas Domestic Relations;
  • Warren County Court of Common Pleas Domestic Relations; and
  • Warren County Juvenile Court.
We Represent Family Law Clients in the following areas:
  • Warren County Ohio and the following zip codes:
45005 Carlisle Warren County
45005 Franklin Warren County
45032 Harveysburg Warren County
45034 Kings Mills Warren County
45036 Otterbien Home Warren County
45036 Lebanon Warren County
45039 Maineville Warren County
45040 Mason Warren County
45054 Oregonia Warren County
45065 South Lebanon Warren County
45066 Springboro Warren County
45068 Waynesville Warren County
45152 Morrow Warren County
45162 Pleasant Plain Warren County

  • Butler County Ohio including the following zip codes:  
45003 College Corner Butler County
45004 Collinsville Butler County
45011 Liberty Twp Butler County
45011 Fairfield Butler County
45011 Hamilton Butler County
45012 Hamilton Butler County
45013 Rossville Butler County
45013 Hamilton Butler County
45013 Indian Springs Butler County
45014 Fairfield Butler County
45014 Hamilton Butler County
45014 Indian Springs Butler County
45015 Lindenwald Butler County
45015 Hamilton Butler County
45015 Indian Springs Butler County
45018 Fairfield Butler County
45018 Hamilton Butler County
45042 Middletown Butler County
45044 Liberty Township Butler County
45044 Middletown Butler County
45050 Monroe Butler County
45053 Okeana Butler County
45055 Overpeck Butler County
45056 Oxford Butler County
45061 Ross Butler County
45062 Seven Mile Butler County
45063 Shandon Butler County
45064 Somerville Butler County
45067 Trenton Butler County
45069 West Chester Butler County
45071 West Chester Butler County
  • Hamilton County Ohio including the following zip codes:
45001 Addyston Hamilton County
45002 Cleves Hamilton County
45030 Harrison Hamilton County
45033 Hooven Hamilton County
45041 Miamitown Hamilton County
45051 Mount Saint Joseph Hamilton County
45052 North Bend Hamilton County
45111 Camp Dennison Hamilton County
45111 Loveland Hamilton County
45174 Terrace Park Hamilton County
45201 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45202 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45203 Queen City Hamilton County
45203 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45204 Queen City Hamilton County
45204 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45205 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45206 Walnut Hills Hamilton County
45206 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45207 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45208 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45209 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45210 Queen City Hamilton County
45210 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45211 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45212 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45212 Norwood Hamilton County
45213 Taft Hamilton County
45213 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45214 Queen City Hamilton County
45214 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45215 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45215 Lockland Hamilton County
45215 Reading Hamilton County
45215 Wyoming Hamilton County
45216 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45216 St. Bernard Hamilton County
45217 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45217 St. Bernard Hamilton County
45218 Parkdale Hamilton County
45218 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45218 Greenhills Hamilton County
45219 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45220 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45222 Roselawn Finance Hamilton County
45222 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45223 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45224 College Hill Station Hamilton County
45224 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45225 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45226 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45227 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45228 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45229 Avondale Hamilton County
45229 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45230 Mount Washington Hamilton County
45230 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45231 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45231 Mount Healthy Hamilton County
45231 Wyoming Hamilton County
45232 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45232 St. Bernard Hamilton County
45233 Sayler Park Finance Hamilton County
45233 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45234 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45235 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45236 Taft Hamilton County
45236 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45236 Reading Hamilton County
45237 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45238 Western Hills Hamilton County
45238 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45239 Colerain Twp Hamilton County
45239 Groesbeck Hamilton County
45239 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45240 Parkdale Hamilton County
45240 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45241 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45241 Sharonville Hamilton County
45242 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45242 Montgomery Hamilton County
45243 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45243 Madeira Hamilton County
45244 Anderson Hamilton County
45244 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45244 Newtown Hamilton County
45246 Parkdale Hamilton County
45246 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45246 Glendale Hamilton County
45246 Springdale Hamilton County
45247 Colerain Twp Hamilton County
45247 Groesbeck Hamilton County
45247 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45248 Westwood Hamilton County
45248 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45249 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45249 Symmes Hamilton County
45250 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45251 Colerain Twp Hamilton County
45251 Groesbeck Hamilton County
45251 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45252 Colerain Twp Hamilton County
45252 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45253 Groesbeck Hamilton County
45253 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45254 Anderson Hamilton County
45254 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45255 Anderson Hamilton County
45255 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45258 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45262 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45275 Airport Hamilton County
45275 Cincinnati Hamilton County
45280 Cincinnati Hamilton County
We are located in Butler County Ohio Because The Majority Of Our Clients Reside In Butler County, Ohio.  
However, We Defend Those Charged With Criminal Offenses In The Following Southwestern Ohio Courts:
  • Area I Court, Oxford Ohio
  • Area II Court, Hamilton Ohio
  • Area III Court, West Chester Ohio
  • Butler County Common Pleas
  • Butler County Juvenile
  • Clermont County Common Pleas
  • Clermont County Juvenile
  • Clermont County Municipal
  • Hamilton City
  • Hamilton County Juvenile
  • Hamilton County Municipal
  • Hamilton County Common Pleas
  • Fairfield Municipal 
  • Lebanon Municipal
  • Preble County Municipal Court
  • Warren County Common Pleas
  • Warren County Juvenile
  • Piketon Mayor's Court,
  • Middletown Municipal Court,
  • Seven Mile Mayor's Court,
  • Arlington Heights Mayor's Court,
  • Blue Ash Mayor's Court,
  • Fairfax Mayor's Court, 
  • Forest Park Mayor's Court,
  • Loveland Mayor's Court
  • Harrison Mayor's Court, 
  • Madeira Mayor's Court, 
  • Montgomery Mayor's Court, 
  • Reading Mayor's Court, 
  • Sharonville Mayor's Court, 
  • Springdale Mayor's Court, 
  • Saint Bernard Mayor's Court

Hamilton Attorneys
Attorneys in Hamilton, Ohio

616 Dayton Street 
Hamilton, Ohio 45011
Ph. (513) 601-5189
Fax: (513) 887-4561

Satellite Office By Appointment  8080 Beckett Center Drive, Suite 112
West Chester, Ohio 45069
Ph. (513) 461-1908
West Chester Ohio Attorneys
               Attorneys in West Chester, Ohio


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